Tips to create a successful Live stream

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From unattractive content to an active online community

Live streaming has become an important tool for innovation, it provides us with a window to show the word our products and services to a modern digital society in a more up today communication standard and a way to engage with those interested in our innovation around the world.

Where accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurship communities can benefit from Live Streams?

Modern society nowadays spends more time in the digital world learning how to start, scale and growth a business and getting in touch with others in the same community is the way to go in order to increase exposure.

Learning and Talk spaces has now transformed into digital scenarios, where people interested in innovation can attend to an event and participate in it from anywhere and at any timezone.

The world and the market have changed from a national to an international game field, modern clients can be located anywhere in our world so social media and online platforms are the way to go to be able to be seen and known by for them.

This is marketing

At the end, innovation programs need marketing to position and capture customers. Sharing information and capturing questions is a two-way learning exchange that will help to understand your possible customer and increase their exposure.

Live streams become one of the key resources to create multiple marketing ways for content that can be shared in social media.

Allow your community to see your startups and to understand how it would improve theirs can be a fun experience through live streams, while redirecting clients already interested in what you have showed  to your website or social media channels.

In general, from one live stream you can create at least 15 other contents, such as presentations, images, gif animations, keynotes, carrousels, short videos, etc.

What is a Live Stream?

Live streams are online spaces presented in real time, where a person or group of people expose a topic or idea to a broader audience that can interact with the host through a chat regulated by a moderator to give order to the community, their questions and opinions.

What are the key elements of a Live stream?

+ Amazing Sound

Keep your community of people waiting to hear more about you and not less.

Multitasking has become a modern trend in society, most innovators and entrepreneurs are doing many activities at the same time such as planning business meetings and keep learning about key tips to keep innovating in the right direction through a video or hearing a podcast in the background.

A good microphone can make the difference from a pleasant travel through a topic discussion to an inaudible or noisy interview.

+ Great Image

Keep your future clients attracted to your innovation on the screen and not blind because it.

There is a saying "an image says more than a thousand words", this is still a reality in a modern society surrounded with lots of images and audiovisual content with a clean and pleasant video image that have become a standard to be watched.

Do not forget to shoot your video at the same high from the speaker or host to look more profesional.

A modest video camera such as a HD webcam or Reflex camera can make the difference from a not visually appealing livestream to a high quality and very interesting space for sharing and learning with future clients.

+ Clean Light

Show your community where to focus their eyes and not let them in the dark.

Light allow us to see the world as we see it, the forms, shapes and colors we perceive. The brightness of a light it can make the difference between the sensations it can generate in people, from a dark and boring space to bright and interesting moment.

A good video light good position can create a better atmosphere for the video, highlighting and separating the host and the participants from the background.

+ Clear Script

Guide your community and keep them interested and not lost on the way.

A script is like a book, it has a title and organize the story you are going to tell to others, be precise and use examples that can be visually share with your audience to understand your point of view and your ideas in a more efficient way.

A simple presentation can help your stream to have order and to provide you with a visual guide from where you are in the story you want to tell so you and your audience do not get lost in the way.

+ Awesome Mod - Moderator

Hear your community voice so they can hear yours too.

Managing the sound quality, camera point of view and light brightness can be a lot of work while being live online, now add to it the responsibility to read all the comments that your community is sharing with you through a chat that constantly updates in real time, can become a huge task.

Having someone dedicated to this activity can allow your team to focus on specific activities to keep your live stream as enjoyable and responsive as it can be through team work to achieve great results and a more joyful interaction to people while having trolls or bad commenters out of your stream.

What free software can we use to create our live stream?

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There are many different apps and softwares available for live streamers today, designed to fulfill a variety of clients needs or requirements.

It is important to understand our needs for promoting our company, a service or a community through a livestream strategy for social media.  

If we are just starting, a free software might be a good solution to start creating live streams and understanding our audiovisual style and what do work for you and your community.

What are some of the Free platforms for livestream to use?

  • StreamYard, it is a streaming studio in your browser, simple to use for beginners learning the basics of live streaming without advanced tools that can create more problems than solutions to those who are just starting to create a live stream for their innovation.
  • ReStream, a more recent and simple to use stream online application that allows beginner streamers to create their first stream with an easy to use tool that complete works from your web browser.

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