How to improve my work through a Timeline?

Timeline Concept

In a mentoring program or portfolio management you are always looking for better ways to track your startups and all the interactions that are happening.

Whether you meet with a mentor or a coach, or you are one of those, tracking what the company has been working on is key to improve meeting quality.

What is a Timeline?

A timeline is a tool for team members, mentors, and coaches to track community interactions, such as meetings and other related activities related to their objectives.

A timeline provides valuable data for themselves and others to track progress and helps  discussions and brainstorming sessions on topics they have been working on and those to come based on a progressive manner to achieve a clear goal through a well-established development path.

An example of how we organize meeting history for a particular team in Team Coaches:

Meeting Timeline History

What should include in a Timeline?

Timelines don't require a software, but are better organized with one.

A timeline should include all the interactions and activities perform for a group of people. Some samples are:

  • New documents uploaded or updated
  • New and Updated Tasks
  • Updated metrics
  • Update Objectives
  • Meeting Notes

How to implement a Timeline in our Mentoring Program?

Coaches and Mentors require to have a history of the interactions with their mentees.

The solutions are:

  • Implement a mentoring software to track personal 1o1 interactions.
  • Require companies or startups have their own tracking and require them to own the progress and timeline.

Any of these solutions does not collect everything that you need to formulate a proper timeline.

This will need to be complemented with other software that are used by the startups and companies to run their strategy, operations, or other departments that they are looking for support.

A sample of how you can see the meeting notes in Team Coaches:

Review Meeting Notes in Timeline

How can a Timeline improve my business?

Through the ability to precisely keep track of your team and community of entrepreneurs' events, mentors or coaches can review the working path established at the beginning of a project and a clear direction for the entire team and community to follow.

A Timeline also provides valuable information about team activities development, such as meeting topics. It allows you to adjust your business development plan for key activities to be added or modified according to your team skills in more realistic times and schedules to succeed in short and long-term activities or goals.

Communities face a constant evolution in terms of their needs and tasks according to changes in the market and society; providing more precise tools to teams can boost team results and make teams more efficient and achieve their goals more shortly and accurately.

Teams always have various tasks and actions daily; between numerous meetings and events, it's time to pay attention to all these activities before and during your meetings within needs to remain to log them.

Timeline in Team Coaches

Team Coaches provides all interactions that startups and companies do with the community centralized so that a proper tracking is made with minimum requirement for adding other tools.

Our customers have seen their benefit since launched.

"In our programs we have reduced 2 hours per week per mentor or coach on the meeting preparation, thanks to tracking all interactions in one place" - Patrick (Sprint Accelerator)

Team Coaches works for you

Team Coaches is a community software that provides an unify way to maintain entrepreneurship community engaged offering tools for managing all the aspect of running an innovation program and maintain prospects and companies track.

A community for them and a solution for you!!!

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