How Pista 8 improves organization and engagement in the programs after implementing Team Coaches

About The Company

Pista 8 is the first corporate collaborative accelerator in Bolivia that works with entrepreneurs and intra-entrepreneurs by exposing them to international level contents.

It has a big list of mentors that has the experience to support entrepreneurs in Bolivia and Paraguay (and expanding).

The Challenge

Pista 8 was handling all the management and operations of their accelerator using spreadsheets with no common practice or processes. These are some highlights of their stack:

  • Applications: WordPress embedded plug-in in forms, application is evaluated off-line and by hand, sending the application to the judge board.
  • Database: Spreadsheet of mentors, startup and founders.
  • Events sent through google calendar to all founders and mentors.
  • Communication WhatsApp
  • Resources (documents, blog and others) shared in WhatsApp

The Solution

Pista 8 implemented Team Coaches to centralize all their databases, events management and resources into one place.

How Team Coaches is used at Pista 8

Community module helps bring the community and profiles in one place. They have used the marketplace to engage entrepreneur support to the ecosystem. Event management for weekly workshops to run through the playbook. Resource management where they started collecting all relevant information to share to entrepreneurs.

Mentoring module was used to follow-up with individual entrepreneurs and mentors and also to generate a better engagement between entrepreneurs.

Education module helped to load and maintain a large library of documents, videos, and posts that will help the entrepreneurs in the future. Assignments were provided by startup which were supposed to be completed by the next workshop.

The Results

Pista 8 has received a NPS of 4.6 according to the recorded feedback within Team Coaches.

The success of the first cohort using Team Coaches impulses Pista 8 to grow the ecosystem and countries (expanding to Paraguay and increasing the usage in Bolivia) helping reduce the time for managing operations.


With Team Coaches, we were able to organize and coordinate all activities into one place. The startups were grateful of the implementation and the centralization of the communication. The team is passionate and always available to help implementing new features and improving their product.

Viviana Angulo

Team Coaches works for you

Team Coaches provide a software that contains all the tools require to simplify and unify all the activities in one place and can help corporation to implement this concept and run with it during in the Accelerator Program.

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Team Coaches

Team Coaches