What are KPIs, and Why are they important for my business?

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The basic tool to measure your business and community improvements over time.

What are they?

The key performance indicators, or KPIs as they are known in English, are the beacons that direct organizations toward success. These powerful measurement tools offer a clear and objective picture of an organization's performance, allowing for a precise assessment of whether strategic goals are being met. The KPIs are like shining lights in the darkness, illuminating strong points and areas for improvement, exposing hidden opportunities, and highlighting potential roadblocks. They are essential for managing and making informed decisions, allowing organizations to concentrate on what matters most, optimize their operations, and achieve above-average results.

Why are they important?

For a variety of reasons, key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial for entrepreneur communities. First and foremost, KPIs offer a method for objectively measuring and assessing entrepreneurs' progress in their projects and businesses. This enables them to clearly understand how they are progressing toward their goals and objectives.

Additionally, KPIs are strong tools for pinpointing growth opportunities and areas that need improvement. Entrepreneurs may easily determine which aspects of their business need attention and adjustments in order to maximize their success by establishing specific metrics and measuring performance in relation to them.

The KPIs serve a crucial role in the informed decision-making process as well. In contrast to relying solely on intuitions or hypotheses, entrepreneurs are better able to make strategic decisions when they have access to concrete data and metrics. This helps them focus their efforts and resources in a more effective and efficient manner.

Additionally, KPIs encourage account performance inside entrepreneur communities. Setting clear goals and tracking progress toward them fosters a culture of accountability where business owners work hard to achieve their set objectives. This encourages a mentality that is focused on performance and the achievement of concrete results.

How can I start?

First, you must establish your Smart Objective; this goal can be attainable and measured through the KPIs to precisely know if you are going in the correct direction to achieve it. An example of this could be: Increasing the customer base to 20% market share by FY end under the Sales Director's leadership.

To properly measure this Smart Objective, you must be divided it into key elements to measure its development; an example of this can be:

  • Objective: Increase customers base
  • +KPI: % Market share
  • Target: 20%
  • + Timeframe: By Financial year End
  • + Responsible: Sales Director

All these elements together form our Smart Objective.

How can I establish them?

To start, you need to represent them by naming them as your standards and to make it easier to visualize, you can give them a symbol to refer to them. An example of this can be the "Value of" something, like $, used as "$ Net profit."  "Number of" is represented as # an example could be # Defects, and "Percentage of" is represented by the symbol %, used like "% Budget variance."


In conclusion, key performance indicators (KPIs) play a crucial role in the success of entrepreneurial communities and businesses. These tools enable business owners to objectively measure and assess the progress of their projects and operations. The KPIs function like lamps, illuminating the path to growth and goal achievement. Entrepreneurs may identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions, and optimize their operations by using KPIs effectively, which will maximize their companies' success. Whether in terms of sales, profitability, customer satisfaction, or other pertinent indicators, the KPIs provide entrepreneurs with a valuable roadmap, assisting them in establishing a strategic path toward business success in their entrepreneurial communities.

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