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Being a mentor, coach or a program that support projects and companies, did you wonder how to create a simple portfolio of all companies that you supported?

Well, the solution is here, Team Coaches is a community software, however we wanted to help companies, mentors and coaches share their own portfolio too, so that is why we are launching Team Coaches Public Portfolio.

This is a space created for coaches, mentors, accelerators, incubators, venture capital or any other support organization for entrepreneurs to share their portfolio or pool of growing companies and projects with their community, so that you can promote your business and services to more clients.

This is also a way to give back promoting your own supported groups.  

Team Coaches offers you a great way to publicly share your portfolio companies and projects

If you are interested in our beta test or to be notified when we launch it click below.

What makes it different?


Team Coaches Public Portfolio is easy to use and straightforward to put your portfolio companies out there.


Our platform allows you to add all information required for your companies to get more exposure to the market, with powerful tools to track progress.


You can customize the Public Portfolio to get more SEO and custom URLs on your website.

How it works

Request Access and Start creating companies or projects

As soon as you login, you will find all companies and project already created. Each company or project has its owns information. You have a variety of data to be added or customize it to your needs.

Add Companies Info

Create new Companies that will be seen in your Portfolio. Add as much information as you would like to be seen in the public company profile.

Configure Your Public Portfolio

Add all relevant information about your Venture that will be shared in Public.

Team Coaches works for you

Team Coaches is a community software that provides an unified way to maintain an engaged entrepreneurship community, offering tools for managing all the aspects of running an innovation program and maintaining prospects and companies' track.

A community for them and a solution for you!!!

If you like our product, you can book a demo, and we can discuss how we can fit into your programs.

Johan Valbuena

Johan Valbuena

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