How Torrenegra Accelerator Saved Thousands of Dollars Each Month and Increased Transparency of Their Startups with Team Coaches

Torrenegra Accelerator Team

About the client

Torrenegra is a remote, long-term accelerator for bootstrapped startups.
Torrenegra Accelerator since conception has been investing a lot of time to find the correct approach of building a new generation of accelerators based on revenue-shared and long-term commitment.

The Challenge

Torrenegra Accelerator mentors and coaches multiple startups with the objective to scale and grow their business.
The problem was centered to have enough transparency over their programs and startups. This caused a lot of wasted time collecting and processing data to understand progress for the whole programs or with each startup.

The wasting time was trying to collect data because it was scattered, out-dated in multiple different tools and spreadsheets while the staff and startups were seeing a very low rate of usage around the tools.

They knew they needed a way to capture more data, have more visibility over their programs, and be more efficient so they could scale.

What they used before:

  • 5 Spreadsheets per startup in the cohort.
  • 3 to 5 emails to manage matchmaking between mentors and entrepreneurs
  • Centralized project management tool with an visibility over 40% of interactions
  • ~ 5 to 8 hours per week spent to create the proper analytics for the cohort.

The Solution

Torrenegra Accelerator adopted Team Coaches accelerator software to manage their day to day operations, having a centralized calendar, community, task management, OKRs and Education tools.
The objective was to achieve more visibility and centralize operations in one tool for managing all their startups so that time efficiency improves in the overall time management within the programs.

The Results

Torrenegra Accelerator has seen improvements of time-saving which helped the growth and improvement of the accelerator. Transparency of most interactions between entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors.
Startup data is being centralized in one place, providing accessibility in one common place.
Within 2 months Team Coaches helps them to achieve:
Time-saving per user: 2 hours per week
Program report saving: 5 hours per week
Visibility between staff, mentors and entrepreneur increase from 40% to 80%


“Working with Team Coaches allows us to be time sensitive and save precious time to help us grow our startup program to support more entrepreneurs.”

Christian Daube - COO of Torrenegra Accelerator

Team Coaches works for you

Team Coaches provide a software that contains all the tools require to simplify and unify all the activities in one place and can help corporation to implement this concept and run with it during in the Accelerator Program.

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